• Propose a missing entry
    You found a biomarker-disease match that is not included in BIONDA yet? Click here to fill a proposal for a new entry!
  • Report an incorrect entry
    You found an incorrect entry? In case you find an incorrect entry when you conduct a search, reporting the error is even easier. Just click on the Report Error link in the context menu of the result table row that contains the entry in question and you are forwarded to the report error form whith most of the fields already filled for you.
  • Confirm entries as an expert
    Do you want to confirm entries as an expert? Click here to be forwarded to the start page and log in with your ORCID account! Then you search for database entries. In the result table you can click on the context menu in a row and check an entry to confirm it. You can confirm as many entries as you want and correct mistakes before submitting your confirmations by clicking the green submit button.
  • Give Feedback
    Help us to increase the quality and user-friendliness of BIONDA.
    Click here to be forwarded to the NBI-User satisfaction survey page!
  • Other requests
    Do you have a question concerning BIONDA ? Click here to be forwarded to the request form!